50 Splendid Short Hairstyles for Black Women

No matter how specific they may seem, short hairstyles for black women offer plenty of variety. They range from buzz cuts to bobs, with pixie hairstyles and everything else in between. You can find cute hairstyles for straight and curly hair alike, all which enhance your natural locks. Take a look at some of our favorites below.

1. Short Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

One of the classiest and most adaptable short hairstyles for black women are bobs. Yours can either be a grown out pixie haircut or a longer bob, depending on your preferences. The long side bangs are a lovely bonus.

2. Undercut Hairstyles for African American Women

If you want to go a bit shorter, a tousled pixie with a sharp undercut is the perfect option. It adds even more edge to your already outgoing personality, all while maintaining a sleek appearance.

3. Short Pixie Hairstyles for Black Women

This is an example of a longer pixie cut and how tasteful the outcome is. While being a daring hairstyle option, it also has an elegant touch that makes it suitable for any kind of occasion.

4. Curled Pixie Cuts

To accentuate your natural curls, you can get a longer pixie without straightening your hair. Make sure you leave your bangs long so they can curl gracefully to the side.

5. Short Hairstyles for Black Women with Thick Hair

50 Splendid Short Hairstyles for Black Women


In addition to traditional bobs, the long bob is all the rage for short to medium haircuts. To shape your hair nicely, consider getting an angled long bob, also known as a lob. Curl the tips for a fancy look.

6. Short Straight Hairstyles for Black Women

Some African American women prefer fully straightening their hair from time to time. To bring your short straightened hair to life, consider dyeing it your favorite color. Cold shades of blonde or straight up grey look fantastic.

7. Pixie Haircuts with Shaved Designs

You’ll soon find out that pixies are some of the most popular short hairstyles for black women. If you want to stand out from the crowd, consider spicing up your undercut with a few shaved lines.

8. Long Bobs with Big Curls

50 Splendid Short Hairstyles for Black Women


You have every reason to show off those luscious curls. One of the best ways to do it is with a long, angled bob. You’ll see that your curly hair settles in perfectly with a hairstyle like this.

9. Sexy Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Keri Hilson always inspires us with fabulous short hairstyles for black women. Her two-toned pixie haircut is sexily styled to the side, with the other faded down. Don’t forget to top off the look with confidence for genuine sex appeal.

10. Sleek Pixie Cuts

This is a beautiful haircut for ladies with round faces. Not only does it complement this face shape, but also cheekbones and the rest of your facial structure. It is more than appropriate for elegant and casual events alike.

11. Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

50 Splendid Short Hairstyles for Black Women


Your gorgeous curls can also be outlined well with a flat-top inspired pixie haircut like this one. You can also consider dyeing your hair in two colors to emphasize those precious corkscrew curls.

12. Long and Curly Tapered Cuts

Tapered haircuts are also extremely popular among short hairstyles for black women. With a mohawk impact, this tapered cut shines through long, afro-like curls.

13. TWAs

A TWA will make any African American woman glow with natural beauty. If you want a sleek outcome, don’t forget to moisturize your hair properly. Aside from that, all you have to do is pair it with a warm smile.

14. Very Short Hairstyles for Black Women

This is an excellent way to style your super short hair after your BC (Big Chop). The outline of the haircut is beautifully shaped, bringing dynamism to your all around look.

15. Cute Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Halle Berry is another public figure that proves short hairstyles for black women are timeless. The actress has been rocking them for as long as we can remember, and quite stylishly so. Her pixie with short bangs is a wonderful way to start yours.

16. Subtle Asymmetrical Bobs

50 Splendid Short Hairstyles for Black Women


To continue our list of celebrities who look outstanding with short hairstyles for black women, our attention turns to Zoë Saldana. The esteemed Star Trek actress rocks an elegant bob, only slightly asymmetrical.

17. Curly Short Hairstyles for Black Women

You can style your afro-textured hair in a glamorous stacked bob. It boosts volume while gently outlining your face and not getting in your way.

18. Short Dreadlocks

We’re used to seeing dreadlocks at least shoulder-length, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock them fabulously short. For instance, you can cut side bangs and the rest of your dreadlocks into a bob.

19. Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Lupita Nyong’o is yet another A-list celebrity that owns super short hairstyles for black women. She proudly sports her natural locks extremely short, allowing all attention to be on her absolutely beautiful face.

20. Shaved and Colored Pixie Haircuts

Rihanna is easily one of the queens of hairstyles, with outnumbered looks in the past years. One of her edgier haircuts was this shaved pixie with long bangs. You can follow in the steps of the famous singer by dyeing the top part cherry red.

21. Curly Angled Bobs

By contrast, Rihanna also had a few sweet and feminine short haircuts throughout time. This stacked, angled bob shows off her soft, natural curls in a marvelous way. You can easily get the look too if you work with a skillful stylist.

22. Short Hairstyles for Black Women with Color

Dark orange is one of the most flattering hair colors for dark skin tones. We recommend leaving your hair curly to boost the natural part of the look.

23. Natural Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

If your curly hair is longer, you can change things around by dyeing just the tips. Blonde, for example, is an excellent color, as it contrasts with your natural hair tone. As a result, it defines the curls and their natural shape.

24. Short Ombre Hairstyles

Like dreadlocks, ombre hair is often seen on medium length or long hair. However, it looks just as magnificent on super short hair. This natural haircut looks visually delicious with the blue and black contrast.

25. Pin Up Pixie Cuts

This hairstyle proves just how practical and adaptable pixie cuts are. From a popular pixie haircut with long bangs, you can style your hair back to get this radiant pin up hairstyle.

26. Short Cut Hairstyles for Black Women

Don’t be afraid to hit the blade to personalize short hairstyles for black women. This neat and well-kept wavy pixie cut has an original approach through the shaved lines on the side.

27. Short Natural Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

Highlights look astounding on curly, afro hair. You can experiment with different shades of blonde on your natural curls to make them even more eye-catching.

28. Forest Green Color on Short Hair

You won’t see this hair color everywhere, but it looks stunning against darker skin tones. This rich forest green complements your soft skin tone, with the choppy bob with bangs outlines your face amazingly.

29. Two Tone Pixie Cuts

Black and platinum blonde look brilliant together. This flawless balayage is an exceptional way to style what would have been an ordinary pixie haircut with long bangs.

30. Short Weave Hairstyles for Black Women

As far as weaves are concerned, long bobs are some of the best choices for them. For a creative touch, go for an ombre in your favorite color. Dark purple is a wonderful choice if you’re not sure what to pick.

31. Long Bobs with Dark Roots

With hair coloring techniques like the ones mentioned above, dark roots can be seen more and more often on stylish gals. This is how your hair can look if you maintain your natural roots and dye the rest a light brown shade.

32. Short Bob Hairstyles for Black Women Over 40

If you have passed the age of 40, that doesn’t mean that you can be utterly glamorous wherever you go. A bob is a respectable haircut that you can always go for, but consider expressing your youthful soul with a chic ombre.

33. Double Puffs

Among short hairstyles for black women who have already cut their hair, these double puffs stand out through sweetness. While they serve as a super cute hairstyle, they also bring out your playful personality.

34. Short Wavy Hairstyles for Black Women

Your short wavy locks can have a whole new impact just by dyeing them in a bold color. Blue and pink are some great options, or you can mix them in this radiant shade of violet.

35. Chestnut Pixie Haircuts

If you prefer to stick to a natural hair color palette, you can explore different earth tones. Chestnut, for example, looks gorgeous against darker skin and brown or hazel eyes.

36. Cornrows to Long Bobs

In the mood for braids? You can get cornrows that flow into a classy inverted bob. You can opt for a side part or one that’s straight down the middle; whichever represents you best.

37. Short Braided Hairstyles for Black Women

You might find yourself on the salon chair the whole day for an intricate hairstyle like this one, but the results will be worth it. This pixie haircut with long bangs contains a bunch of teeny tiny braids that are breathtakingly beautiful.

38. Short to Medium Hairstyles for Black Women

Box braids should be among your top 3 options if you want shoulder-length hair. It’s a great solution for ladies who prefer something a bit more eye-catching than naturally curly or straightened hair.

39. Shoulder Length Havana Twists

If you want to show off the natural hair that you have been patiently growing out for quite some time, Havana twists are what you need. They’re sweet, classy and flattering all in one.

40. Short Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women

Not quite ready to hit the razor for a real mohawk? You can always recreate one with the help of cornrows. All you have to do is braid from the bottom and sides up, and leave your natural curls on the top part.

41. Sisterlocks Bobs

Another one of the bob short hairstyles for black women that go beyond curly, wavy or straight hair are sisterlocks. This African hairstyle is charming for all face shapes and the ladies that want to embrace their roots.

42. Updo Hairstyles for Black Women with Short Hair

Another way to get a faux hawk that’s on point is by tightly combing your hair up. Make sure you have plenty of product on hand to get those sleek sides. Let your curls freely bounce around on top.

43. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are one of the most versatile short hairstyles for black women. They can be worn as a pretty African hairstyle, or used as a technique to get well-contoured curls.

44. Crochet Braid Black Short Hairstyles for Women

Crochet braids are all the rage among African American ladies, and we can definitely understand why. No matter if your hair is long or short, crochet braids are a fantastic way to style your natural locks.

45. Big and Beautiful Afros

Don’t hesitate to rock your amazing afro with your head held high. This hairstyle works both when your natural hair is very short and when it gets longer. Enjoy that abundance of volume during the whole time.

46. Bandana Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair

Hair accessories always come in handy when you want to play around with different hairstyles. A simple bandana can bring a bit of urban edge to any short curly updo. As a bonus tip, wear lipstick the sample color of the bandana.

47. Short Blonde Hairstyles for Black Women

This radiant shade of caramel blonde is magnificent for African American women’s skin tone. The two shades go hand in hand brilliantly, while the funky haircut contributes with effortless style.

48. Vintage Short Black Hairstyles for Black Women

You probably have never thought about combining locs with a pompadour, have you? Well, this is how the unique combination looks like in the end. In other words, it is a clever way to style your locs for retro glam.

49. Pink and Blonde TWAs

A platinum blonde and cotton candy pink ombre provides a stunning transition from one light color to another. Place this pretty combo on a short haircut with afro-textured hair and you’ve got a hairstyle fit for a magazine photo shoot.

50. Lavender Pixie Cuts

Another pastel color you can try out is lavender. When used on a short haircut like this one, it brings the best of the pixie haircut and fairy hair all in one.


To wrap everything up, a myriad of short hairstyles for black women are available for you to try out. We recommend choosing a haircut and hairstyle that flatter your natural features and bring out the best in your personality. And remember – true style has no rules.

50 Splendid Short Hairstyles for Black Women

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