50 Pretty Sew in Hairstyles for Inspiration

Weaves, extensions and sew in hairstyles in general can be a smart and stylish step in your natural hair growth process. To put it in a nutshell, a sew in allows you to cover your own hair as it grows naturally. As opposed to some weaves that use glue, these are literally sewn into your natural hair, causing less damage. Embrace your natural hair transition and express your personality with one of these chic weave hairstyles!

1. Bob Sew in Hairstyles

By far, one of the most popular weave hairstyles in the charts is the bob. No matter if it’s short and sweet or long and luscious, this haircut is a favorite among African American women looking for stylish sew in options.

2. Casual Weave Styles

If you’re looking for a more laid back and natural look, you can opt for a sew-in with wavy hair. Although it doesn’t continue your natural hair texture entirely, it has a casual touch to it that brings it closer to your roots.

3. Short Sew in Hairstyles

We love ladies who aren’t afraid to rock short locks. If you adore the pixie haircut as much as we do, you should use this idea for your next sew in. You can get a layered version, like in this photo, or with a wavy or curly texture.

4. Ombre Hairstyles

If you’re the kind of woman who loves showing off different colors in her hair, ombre styles are just what you need. You can start your ombre with a tone similar to your natural hair color and continue in your favorite shade.

5. Shoulder Length Sew in Weave Hairstyles

50 Pretty Sew in Hairstyles for Inspiration


Looking for hair length that’s easy to maintain, yet not too short? You can never go wrong with shoulder length sew in hairstyles. While they provide more than enough possibilities for creative styling, they’re long enough to become a source of stress.

6. Cute Sew in Hairstyles

Once your weave is sewn in and ready to rock, you can start thinking about pretty hairstyles to complement it. For example, half up half down styles are trending this year, and we have to admit that they’re adorable.

7. Big Hair

If a natural approach is on your mind, don’t hesitate to go for a big, beautiful and curly sew in. Not only will this type of weave come as close as possible to your natural hair, but you will also enjoy volume and bouncy curls.

8. Balayage Bobs

50 Pretty Sew in Hairstyles for Inspiration


A coloring alternative for ladies who prefer a subtlety is balayage. While it has basically the same gradient concept from ombre, balayage stands out through a discrete transition from one color to the next.

9. Curly Sew in Hairstyles

For this example, the curls are clearly the center of attention. Although they are a bit larger and looser than natural afro-textured hair, they are radiant. In addition, they resemble the popular crochet braiding technique.

10. Laid Back Waves

Wavy hair is always a joy to wear and style. Even more so, you can get it super long to expand your hairstyling options even more. It’s an appropriate sew in choice for any environment, regardless if you’re going to college or working in an office.

11. Straight Sew in Hairstyles

50 Pretty Sew in Hairstyles for Inspiration


A great deal of women choose to get straight sew in hairstyles. One of the main reasons is that they can enjoy a hair texture that is completely different from their natural one. It’s ideal for experimenting with your style until you transition fully to your natural locks.

12. Asymmetrical Haircuts

It’s easy to add a bit of edge to your new hairstyle. You can obtain a funky and fresh result simply by cutting the hair asymmetrically. The most common asymmetrical haircut has a bob foundation, but feel free to try out uneven pixies or other styles too.

13. Pastel Pixies

Speaking of pixie cuts, it would have been impossible to talk about cute sew in hairstyles without showcasing them. For your sew in, you can have fun with a retro pixie, with fantastic finger waves. The pastel pink color chosen is to die for too!

14. Deep Wave Sew in Hairstyles

Another superb idea for your sew in is to get a deep wave effect in the hair. Deep waves can be rocked on short and long hair alike, so don’t hesitate to go for your favorite length. Here, you can admire a waist-length version.

15. Middle Part Sew in Hairstyles

As with any other hairdos, you can get sew in hairstyles with various parts. A timeless option is with a middle part, which is also a versatile choice for all face shapes. We will also present side parts, but here is an idea you can’t go wrong with.

16. Highlights Hairstyles

50 Pretty Sew in Hairstyles for Inspiration


Take your hairstyle to the next level with a handful of sunny highlights. If you go for this idea, we recommend that you get highlights in a color that contrasts with your base tone. For example, honey highlights look amazing on jet black hair.

17. Long Sew in Hairstyles

Without a doubt, one of the main advantages of sew ins is that you can sport extremely long hair without waiting to grow it out. If you fancy long locks, you should consider this aspect when picking the sew in of your dreams.

18. Metallic Tone Weaves

We’re back to colors with this entry, this time with a highly eye-catching tone. If you want to make a statement through your hairstyle, you should think about flaunting a bold color. This metallic blue, for instance, is an excellent way to start.

19. Mohawk Sew in Weave Hairstyles

If you have a free spirit and you’re not afraid to express it through your sew in hairstyles, keep a mohawk option in mind. As you can see in this example, mohawks are an edgy yet chic hairstyle that will bring out your wild side in a fashionable way.

20. Thick and Messy Styles

We all long for thick hair, regardless of our hair texture. The good news is that a sew in allows you to enjoy thick locks. In this shot, you can see how thick and wavy hair would look when worn in a marvelously messy manner.

21. Halo Braids

If you have your eyes on styling alternatives, here’s an idea that you will surely appreciate. Halo braids have been increasing in popularity for two or three years now, for reasons that are more than obvious. Keep this on your inspiration list for when you want to spice up your sew in.

22. Black Sew in Hairstyles

Some women prefer keeping their hairstyle as natural as possible throughout their transition. In this regard, you can opt for a sew in with the same color as your hair, whether it’s black or a deep shade of brown.

23. Versatile Sew in Hairstyles

If you love exploring various hairstyles, you should get a sew in that lets you style your hair in an abundance of ways. For this, we recommend a weave with curly hair for ease of maintenance and styling any day.

24. Graceful and Feminine Styles

With a hairstyle like this one, you will feel directly pulled out of a fairytale. It’s a heartwarming half up hairstyle with a twisted tiara braid in the back. The loosely curly hair also serves as major eye candy for a delicate hairstyle.

25. Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles

We love strawberry blonde so much that we have already dedicated an entire article to tens of tones from this palette. What makes the entry from this sew in hairstyles list so special is that it makes two of these shades, with a peach to pink color melt.

26. Side Part Sew in Hairstyles

Just like we promised, here is an example that focuses on weaves with side parts. We warmly encourage woman who love tossing their locks to the side to choose this type of parting. Furthermore, it works astoundingly regardless of the texture of your sew in.

27. Short Curly Sew in Weave Hairstyles

This category of sew in hairstyles is literally as close as you can get to the state of your natural hair upon installation. What makes this short and curly style so wonderful is that it will help you ease into your natural locks as they gradually grow.

28. Faux Bangs

If you’re not convinced that you should get your sew in with bangs, you can create a similar effect through styling. Provided that your sew in is with straight hair, you can wrap the locks in a top knot and style the tips on your forehead to resemble bangs.

29. Undercut Weave Hairstyles

Undercut hairstyles are all the rage these days, especially when sunny weather is on the way. If you want to push your limits and obtain an edgy hairstyle, think about rocking your sew in with a sexy undercut or shaved side.

30. Invisible Part Sew in Weave Hairstyles

Among sew in hairstyles, there are quite a few options with an invisible part aspect. You can get yours like this no matter what texture the weave is or how the hair is cut. The photo above will help you get a better picture.

31. Headwrap Hairstyles

If you want some tribal flavor to your hairstyle, don’t hesitate to incorporate traditional accessories. For example, you can tie your locks in a headscarf, or just half up like in this photo. In any case, a headwrap adds an impressive personal touch to your look.

32. Sew in Hairstyles with Side Bangs

Just like side parts, side bangs are lovely details for women who like wearing their hair to one side. Another advantage that side bangs present is that they will contribute to the stylish aspect of the hairdo, topped with confidence and attitude.

33. Wedding Hairstyles

No matter what formal event you have coming up, you can get inspired by this updo for your sew in hairstyle. While we generally recommend it for brides on their wedding day, it works just as well for proms or fancy parties.

34. Long Straight Sew in Hairstyles

Now this sew in hairstyle is to die for, not to mention that it’s one of the top trending varieties. The super long strands look absolutely ravishing and are a breath of fresh air for women who have short hair at the moment when installing their sew ins.

35. 90s Hairstyles

Get in touch with your 90s baby soul with this mega cute sew in style. Although the base hairstyle is long and wavy, it is adorably styled with half up pigtails that have us reliving Britney Spears’ days of glory all over again.

36. Pigtails Styles

On this note, we want to focus a bit more on pigtails as girly sew in hairstyles. As an alternative for the aforementioned hairstyle, you can create your pigtails fully up, with or without braids. To make your hairstyle out of the box, think about adding braids or accessories.

37. Natural Sew in Hairstyles

This is yet another spectacular example of natural sew in hairstyles. We encourage women who want to stick to their roots to explore weave ideas with curly hair. Not only are they natural-looking, but they’re also flattering for all African American beauties.

38. Prom Sew in Hairstyles

Are you starting to panic that prom is right around the corner? You don’t need to worry, we got your back with this stunning hairstyle for your sew in. You can take care of the hair part of your prom look in just a few minutes with this half up half down idea.

39. Loosely Braided Hairstyles

If you have a sew in with straight hair, you can have endless fun with a bunch of DIY braiding ideas. Although they truly can’t compare to the unique beauty of African braiding techniques, you can still express your creativity without a care.

40. Sew in Layered Bob Hairstyles

Adding texture to your sew in hairstyle is a piece of cake, especially, if you’re working with an esteemed stylist. Any bob hairstyle can come to life phenomenally with the help of layering. In this example, you can see how a feathered bob would look.

41. Half Up Hairstyles

Yet another remarkable half up half down hairstyle is this intricate gorge. In addition to the trendy half up styling, it also has feed-in braiding incorporated into the style, as well as that sublime baby hair we all adore.

42. Sew in Updo Hairstyles

As far as updos sew in hairstyles are concerned, you have a wide range of dazzling ideas to play around with. If you want a sleek outcome, you can try this donut bun look with full, layered, side-swept bangs.

43. Styles with Bright Colors

Our gals who are crazy for color will be just as crazy over this hot look. Not only does it showcase vivid colors, but it levels up with two shades that are equally bold. This expert coloring job is sure to inspire any outgoing woman.

44. Sew in Ponytail Hairstyles

If you take a bit of time to research sew in hairstyles, you will soon find out that ponytails are some of the most beloved ideas. They mix classy and sassy in an extremely visually pleasing way, no matter how they’re style. Here’s a jaw-dropping example for a classic high ponytail.

45. Side Braids and Ponytails

To continue our ponytail ideas, here is how you can rock a low ponytail swept gently to the side. The icing on the cake for the whole look is the fabulous goddess braid on one side. If you have an important event coming up, you shouldn’t overlook this example.

46. Side Ponytails

If you dig the idea of high ponytails but are in love with side-swept hairstyles too, this is the look for you. Even though the base is a regular high ponytail, it is slightly twisted to the side for a super cool hairstyle that won’t go overlooked.

47. Red Sew in Hairstyles

An enchanting color you can choose for your sew-in is red. Not only does it look brilliant, but it’s also one of the hottest colors for sew in hairstyles in recent years. Don’t hesitate to explore rich shades like this intense burgundy.

48. Curly Faux Hawk Sew ins Hairstyles

If you’re not sure about rocking a full-fledged mohawk, you can easily get a similar look with a faux hawk. This showy hairstyle doubles as an admirable option for formal situations where you have to dress to impress.

49. Low Ponytails

Our last ponytail idea is this classic, timeless low ponytail. Not only is it very work and school appropriate, but it’s also effortless on your behalf. You can enjoy the long locks of your sew in without having them get into your face.

50. Casual Updos

What better way to conclude our list of sew ins than with one of our favorite style icons of all? Rihanna goes to show that you can slay with any hairstyle. Also, this photo is proof that a well-styled updo can easily come across as casual or comfortable.


Among African American women, sew in hairstyles are some of the safest methods of changing up your style while growing natural locks. However, that doesn’t mean you should be any less careful. After picking your favorite hairstyle, make sure you get it installed by a praised professional. In addition, ensure that you take care of your natural hair even more throughout the process. Which style will you choose for your weave?


50 Pretty Sew in Hairstyles for Inspiration

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