50 Magenta Hair Color Ideas for Bold Women

Women with strong personalities will often explore fearless options for expressing themselves, such as using magenta hair color. We’re well aware that magenta isn’t for everyone, but it looks nothing less than sublime on women who can rock it with pride. Alternatively, there are subtler shades of magenta available as well. Learn about all of your options below!

1. Bright Magenta Hair Color

If you choose magenta hair color for your next makeover, you’ll probably want it to stand out. For this, we recommend a lively shade of magenta that will brighten up your entire look. Consider this approach if you have an equally open personality.

2. Short Magenta Hair

Pixie cuts have been trending for years now, owing to their blend of edgy and classy. Whether you want to give your pixie a feminine touch or you just want to make it pop, magenta is the answer. Select your favorite hue and instantly spice up your pixie.

3. Magenta Hair Color on Weave

One of the numerous advantages that weave hairstyles have is diversity. You can choose from a wide range of colors and cuts without damaging your natural hair. Magenta is the perfect example of a color that you can’t obtain naturally but can rock with a weave or wig.

4. Bob with Magenta Hair

Just like pixies, bob haircuts have been among top trends for quite a few years. Also like the pixie cut, an asymmetrical or inverted bob is a hairstyle full of character. You can boost the attitude of your bob by dyeing it magenta.

5. Light Magenta Hair Color

50 Magenta Hair Color Ideas for Bold Women


Some women may prefer a more discrete magenta for their hair. In this case, you can use a lighter shade of magenta, close to rose. Of course, you can focus on purple or pink tints throughout your hair, just make sure that the blend results in a fair magenta.

6. Dark Magenta Hair Color

A dark shade of magenta is just as phenomenal as a bright or light one. In fact, deeper magentas stand out through rich undertones. In many situations, you can also enjoy added highlights that sparkle in the sun when you’re outdoors.

7. Shadow Roots and Magenta Hair

We have to admit that magenta isn’t exactly the easiest hair color to pull off. If you dye your hair magenta from roots to tips, the outcome may be a little flashy. Nevertheless, you can start with shadow roots and blend out to magenta locks.

8. Velvet Magenta Hair

50 Magenta Hair Color Ideas for Bold Women


What can be lovelier than a full head of velvet magenta hair? We hate to break it to you, but it’s not at all easy to obtain this rich shade. Instead, we recommend working with a professional colorist to get the vivid magenta you have always dreamed of.

9. Magenta Hair Tips

Not all women crave a full magenta hairstyle. Actually, some are seeking just a bit of color to liven up their hair. If you’re not sure if magenta is for you and you want to test it out, coloring your tips is the best option. It’s also great if you want to accentuate the lower part of your hair.

10. Pale Magenta Hair

We have all borne witness to the pale hair color trend lately. Regardless if it’s red, blue or even magenta, girls around the world are rocking delicate alternatives to bold colors. We encourage you to try the technique out with magenta if you want a soft result.

11. Magenta Hair Color Highlights

50 Magenta Hair Color Ideas for Bold Women


Similar to magenta tips, highlights in this color are perfect for making your hair alluring. Magenta highlights work particularly well on a dark “canvas”, meaning that it helps if you have naturally brown or black hair. All the same, go ahead and try them out no matter what your natural hair color is.

12. Deep Magenta Hair

There’s a fine line between dark and deep magenta hair color. It’s so fine, in fact, that you’ll hardly be able to notice the difference unless you set examples side by side. Be that as it may, deep magenta focuses on intense undertones, rather than directly going down a few shades.

13. Magenta to Hot Pink Hair

As with any situation in which you can’t decide on a hair color, you can always combine them. In this example, you can see how dark roots blend out to a vibrant purple, then to magenta and, finally, to hot pink. Talk about getting your girly vibe on!

14. Balayage with Magenta Hair Color

Before we get into ombre hairstyles with magenta hair color, let’s talk about the sheer beauty of balayage. As opposed to its eye-catching sister hairstyle, balayage concentrates on getting results as close to natural as possible. It’s also way lighter magenta is recommended for a balayage.

15. Magenta Hair Color on Natural Hair

Just when you think that natural hair can’t get any prettier, voila! Magenta does a splendid job of emphasizing afro-textured hair even more. However, and we can’t stress this enough, please work only with safe dyes so you won’t damage your natural locks.

16. Dark Hair with Magenta Shine

50 Magenta Hair Color Ideas for Bold Women


Often, magenta isn’t used as a primary hair color, but rather as a tone suggestion. In other words, you can have a dark purple base, for example, and incorporate magenta just for the shine. Once again, a specialist will help you achieve the results you desire.

17. Magenta Hair Color with Bangs

If you ever had any doubts about bangs and magenta hair color going well together, you can forget them. No matter what style of bangs you have, from blunt, to side-swept, curtained or short, you can rely on magenta for giving them a lively touch.

18. Scene Hair

Emo and scene hair have been a favorite among teens since the early 2000s. If you want to express your love for cuteness, you can use magenta for coloring your long and layered locks. The example above also backs up our previous claim regarding magenta and any bangs style.

19. Magenta Hair Color Ombre

As promised, here is a stunning example of a magenta hair color ombre. Like with any ombre, simply add magenta as your secondary color. We’ll be showcasing multiple magenta ombre examples throughout the rest of our article too.

20. Blonde and Magenta Peekaboo Hair

Does peekaboo hair ring a bell for you? If not, be prepared to fall in love. Peekaboo hair represents a colored section under your top layer of hair, which “peeks” out from beneath. It’s easy to see why magenta is a popular choice for peekaboo hairstyles.

21. Magenta Orchid Hair

Depending on your tastes, the magenta hair color you get can lean towards related tones. For example, a great deal of women decide to get their magenta with purple undertones. The two shades work fantastically well together.

22. Light Pink and Magenta Hair Color

In addition to purple, magenta also goes hand in hand with various shades of pink. For more contrast, we recommend using a lighter tone of pink with dark magenta roots. After that, you can braid your hair to highlight the two colors.

23. Magenta Hair Color on Dark Skin

We’ll also be demonstrating how magenta hair color complements literally any skin tone. Our African American beauties can rest assured that magenta looks radiant against their skin. Moreover, magenta also looks fabulous with braids.

24. Dark Magenta Contourage

Contourage may sound like gibberish for someone who isn’t up to date with the latest hair trends. The style became a beauty staple in early 2017 and it’s here to stay, thanks to the amazing way the streaks frame the face.

25. Peach and Magenta Ombre

If you’re up for an ombre hairstyle that’s impossible to miss, blend magenta with peach. You can start with magenta at your roots and gradually fade out to peach as you get to the bottom. Feel free to switch the colors around if it suits you better.

26. Medium Magenta Hair Color

Not everyone is fit for bright magenta hair, nor is everyone a good match for dark magenta. As an alternative, women who want a bit of both worlds can go for a medium magenta hair color. It will still be vivid enough without going too deep.

27. Plum Magenta Hair Color

This year, plum hair color is a full-fledged trend of its own. Be that as it may, you can make yours even more intriguing by making your plum go to the magenta side. It’s a small step that can make a significant difference in your results.

28. Blue to Magenta Hair

Another way to sport sensational hair is by pairing turquoise and orchid. Even though the secondary shade used in this photo is rather purple, you can add some pink tones to get it to magenta. As always, don’t hesitate to use the colors the other way around.

29. Purple and Fuchsia Hair

On a similar note, you can switch the colors of your hairstyle to purple and magenta. The two tones look marvelous in both ombre and balayage hairstyles. For a more striking transition, opt for the first coloring technique.

30. Subtle Magenta Hair Color Tint

On the other hand, you may want to avoid vibrant magenta altogether and choose only a tint in this shade. For this outcome, we recommend using a mahogany base and adding just a drip of magenta to the hair dye to get the tint.

31. Lavender and Magenta Hair

To continue our series of magenta ombres, here is a combination that will leave you thinking about fairytales all day long. Starting with the base color of lavender, you can spread out to magenta halfway through.

32. Magenta Hair Color with Olive Skin

To prove a point with magenta hair color and skin tones, here’s an example with this hair color against olive skin. Not only does it flatter this complexion, but magenta also makes olive skin stand out more than with natural hair colors.

33. Indigo to Magenta Hair

When it comes to hair hues, indigo and magenta go hand in hand. Using indigo as the main color of your roots will serve as a cooler start. After that, you’ll gently transition to the warmer red tones of magenta and result in a harmonious color melt.

34. Magenta Hair Color Extensions

If you love braids, dreadlocks or hair extensions in general, you can enjoy magenta as a reliable choice. Just like with wigs or weaves, magenta extensions won’t harm your hair due to dyeing. Keep the color on your shortlist when prepping for your next braiding appointment.

35. Purple and Magenta Ombre

Are indigo and deep magenta too dark for you? Then take a walk on the wild side with striking purple and radiant magenta in an ombre hairstyle that won’t go by unnoticed. The color gradient works best with long hair, but you can also rock it with short locks.

36. Rose Gold Hair Color

If you want to increase the femininity of your appearance, you may want to consider rose gold as a close alternative to magenta. Rose gold doesn’t carry the purple undertones of magenta, but rather shades of blonde and brown mixed with pink.

37. Electric Magenta Hair Color

Nonetheless, electric magenta hair color will always have a huge visual impact on anyone seeing it. We say it’s the perfect shade for women who adore intense colors and aren’t afraid to show it. The smudge roots help balance the look all around.

38. Magenta Hair Color Lowlights

Like with peekaboo highlights, lowlights do a terrific job of gently accentuating specific areas of your hair. Just as their name suggests, they address the lower part of your hair, usually the second half of your overall length.

39. Burgundy Hair Color

There’s no denying that burgundy is a romantic hair color. We agree that it’s a more “wearable” alternative for the flashy magenta, all while retaining some of its purple-red tones. It’s a wonderful color for autumn hairstyles.

40. Magenta Hair Color Underneath

The creativity you can put into your hairstyles has no boundaries. For instance, you can be sneaky with your colors and decide to dye only a portion of your hair underneath. This way, you can leave your hair down and hide it altogether or wrap it up to show it off.

41. Pale Skin and Magenta Hair

Isn’t it amazing how magenta hair color looks fabulous against any skin tone, from dark to pale? The shot above proves that you can have a creamy white complexion and look absolutely astounding with magenta hair.

42. Pastel Magenta Hair Color

If normal light magenta still doesn’t do the trick for you, explore pastel options. You’ll be straying away from classic magenta, but you’ll be accessing the girly tones of powdered pink. You can add some magenta undertones to get closer to the initial shade.

43. Sunset Ombre

What if you could capture one of the most spectacular moments of the day in your hair? Well, now you can, thanks to the sunset ombre. It gorgeously blends tones of purple, magenta, peach, orange and pink for results that will make heads turn.

44. Magenta Hair Color with Highlights

Instead of getting magenta highlights, you can do the opposite and get highlights on a magenta base. In this case, we don’t necessarily recommend using natural highlights, but rather a color that’s just as alluring. Steel blue, for example, is a lovely choice.

45. Three Color Ombre

Why settle for two colors in your ombre when you can have three? The 3-color ombre with magenta, purple and blue comes pretty close to a sunset ombre, but you can make the transition more abrupt between each set of colors.

46. Magenta Lavender Balayage

Here’s another option for the lavender and magenta combo – reversing the colors for a dreamy balayage. Begin with a pinker hue of magenta at your roots and melt into lavender as you go down. You’ll feel like a princess.

47. Red Magenta Hair Color

A redder magenta, like in the case of burgundy hair, is easier to pull off in all social situations. You won’t get any judging looks, while still being able to express yourself through this joyful color. Smudge roots will also help complete the hairstyle.

48. Magenta Hair Color with Plum Roots

While some women prefer keeping their roots in a natural color to ease the growing process, others want to dye theirs as well. We’re not talking about dyeing your hair a solid color including your roots, but rather separately choosing a darker color for your roots.

49. Mermaid Hair

Even though we’ve covered some whimsical ombre and balayage ideas with magenta hair color, nothing compares to mermaid hair. What started as a trend now has taken the young audience by storm, with jaw-dropping blends of turquoise, magenta, blue and purple.

50. Magenta Babylights

Last but not least, here is another option for getting just a tint of magenta in your hair. You may or may not be familiar with babylights, but you should know that they are delightful. Add some wispy magenta highlights to a dark base for a dash of glam.


In conclusion, you have every reason to choose magenta hair color when you want to change your look. It’s a courageous color that comes packed with attitude and confidence to reflect any powerful personality. Make sure that you take some time to study specific tones until you find the best magenta for your features and tastes. When you’re done, come back and share your story with us!

50 Magenta Hair Color Ideas for Bold Women

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