50 Flawless Ways to Rock Side Bangs

Without a doubt, side bangs are among the hair trends that never go out of style. We rocked them as kids and we sure intend on keeping them in our older years too. One of the main reasons why they’re so popular is that they flatter any face shape. Also, they allow you to switch from sweet to sexy in minutes. Learn how you can cut and style yours below!

1. Side Bangs with Updo Hairstyle

Endeared actress Emma Watson shines on the big screen, but also on the red carpet of every industry event she attends. Her side swept bangs staple shows how this detail can provide a sense of alluring innocence to your look.

2. Loose Waves and Bangs

The beauty of bangs is that they work with any hair texture. For instance, if you have wavy or loosely curly hair, you can give it a neat shape with bangs to the side. It’s a casual and classy option in one.

3. Messy Bun with Side Swept Bangs

We all know by now that messy buns are all the rage. But how do they look with side bangs? Extraordinary, of course. You can rock your bangs short or long with this irresistible and comfy hairstyle.

4. Natural Look with Medium Hair and Bangs

Another celebrity to keep your eyes on for beauty inspiration is Katy Perry. For this look, the internationally acclaimed pop singer opted for a shoulder-length haircut with long bangs over one eye.

5. Long Side Bangs Hairstyle

50 Flawless Ways to Rock Side Bangs


Speaking of long bangs, this is another example to show you how you can rock them. What helps with this style is to have both your bangs and the rest of your hair layered so everything falls gracefully in place.

6. Long Bob with Side Bangs

One of the trendiest haircuts that go with side bangs is the long bob. It’s an easygoing option for women with naturally straight hair, and it looks ravishing with side swept bangs.

7. Bangs and Long Curly Hair

Remember what we said about side bangs and any hair texture? This example goes to show that even long and curly hair looks gorgeous with a fringe. We recommend this option for free-spirited gals.

8. Asymmetrical Bob with Side Swept Bangs

50 Flawless Ways to Rock Side Bangs


Another way you can wear long bangs with a bob is to have yours cut asymmetrically. It’s a hairstyle that has been increasingly gaining popularity for years now, so don’t worry about it going out of fashion anytime soon.

9. Wavy Long Hair with Side Bangs

An amazing way to complement long and wavy hair that you’ve struggled to grow out is with bangs. The fact that you were born with a wavy hair texture makes the idea of side bangs all the more natural.

10. Bohemian Bangs Hairstyle

If you’re looking for an easygoing, flirty and bohemian look, try out some choppy side bangs with a chin-length haircut. You get major bonus points if your hair is naturally wavy or you gently curl it.

11. Stacked Bob with Side Bangs

50 Flawless Ways to Rock Side Bangs


Volume is one of the most-desired qualities that women seek in hairstyles. With a stacked bob hairstyle with bangs, you enjoy a significant volume boost owing to the way the hair is cut.

12. Very Curly Hair and Bangs on Both Sides

Rihanna joins our list of celebrities for side bangs inspiration, with this unique twist. We already know that she’s a trendsetter that has an out-of-the-box approach, so here she is rocking bangs on both sides with adorable ringlets.

13. Shaved Side Hairstyle

There are plenty of ways that rebellious women can wear bangs to the side. For example, you can experiment with a side-shaved hairstyle that starts from your part. As a result, your bangs will fall naturally to the opposing side.

14. Long Side Swept Bangs and Long Bob

A great deal of women opt for long bobs so to avoid having their hair cut too short. In this example, you’ll see how the hair is cut with an inner angle, and with long bangs that shape the look superbly.

15. Long Layers with Side Bangs

You’ll soon notice that layering is key to a picture-perfect hairstyle with bangs on one side. If you have thick hair, this cutting technique will be even more to your advantage.

16. Braided Bangs Hairstyle

50 Flawless Ways to Rock Side Bangs


Long bangs on one side open up a brand new world of marvelous styling choices. For instance, you can braid them to the side and behind your ear for a fresh look to rock this summer.

17. Short Side Bangs Hairstyle

For an alternative, European-inspired look, dare to go short with your bangs. This idea, popularized by the movie Amélie at the beginning of the 2000s, still serves as inspiration for heart-warming hairstyles.

18. Twisted and Pinned Bangs

If you’re not in the mood for braids, you can always use this simple yet effective technique to style your bangs. All you have to do is twist them inwards and pin them at the back. Voilà!

19. Straight Side Bangs with Long Hair

While straight hair might not be as easy to fall in place as wavy or curly hair, there’s a trick you can use. Keep your bangs long and layered, and consider using some hairspray to keep them out of your face.

20. Tiara Braid and Bangs

It’s no doubt that tiara braids are cute. Even more so, you can take your cuteness level to 100 in an instant by leaving your bangs in front. Actress Laura Vandervoort shows you how.

21. Braid, Bangs and Chignon Hairstyle

If you have a special event coming up, don’t hesitate to play around with updos. An example is this chignon with a tiara French braid and pearl hair pin, with side swept bangs in front.

22. Choppy Short Hair with Side Bangs

All choppy hairstyles are the definition of cool. The way the hair is cut provides plenty of edge, but outcome allows you to sport this hair in any kind of environment. Effortless glam done right.

23. Fancy Updo Hairstyles with Side Bangs

This is another elegant updo that you’ll fall in love with. Not only can this hairstyle serve as inspiration for prom or a super fancy date, but it’s dazzling enough to be worn on your wedding day.

24. Subtly Shaved Side

We talked about shaved sides, but what if you’re not willing to go straight to your skin? You can opt for a slightly shaved down side to bring out the best in your lovely side bangs.

25. Side Swept Bangs with Short Curly Hair

You saw how side swept bangs look with long curly hair, but what about shorter curls? Naturally, the results are marvelous. It’s a youthful and charming hairstyle that complements women of all ages.

26. Sweet Pixie Haircuts with Side Bangs

Pixies are easily one of the hottest super short hairstyles at the moment. There are numerous ways you can get yours, such as this full pixie haircut with full, layered front bangs tucked to the side

27. Cute Side Bangs

If the term playful is your personality in a nutshell, you have to check this side swept bangs look out. The bangs are cut in an angle and include strands on both side for a cute touch.

28. Curly Bangs to the Side

In our curly hair examples until now, the bangs were either straightened or wavy. However, Taylor Swift shows how even your bangs can stay curly for a delightfully enchanting result.

29. Three Cornrows and Bangs to the Side

Countless women dream of having an edgy side-shaved hairstyle, but quite a lot of them aren’t prepared to hit the razor just yet. For these cases, you can get a similar look by braiding two or three cornrows on a side and allowing your bangs to spring from there.

30. Layered Side Bangs

Long gone are the days when the Olsen twins were just adorable kid actresses. Nowadays, they have taken the fashion and beauty industry by storm. Side bangs are one of the trends they promote impeccably.

31. Dutch Headband Braid

Instead of just braiding your bangs and sliding them behind your ear, you can get even more creative. This stunning Dutch headband braid is created by weaving long bangs to the side and down with the rest of the hair.

32. High Ponytail with Side Bangs

Ponytails are a definite favorite for women, from toddlers to adults. If you have bangs on one side, think about wrapping the rest of your locks in a high, whimsical ponytail.

33. Boho Braid and Long Bangs

Back to boho girls for this look. Loose braids are an essential hairstyle for bohemian women, and they look utterly fantastic with long and side swept bangs. Leave the hairstyle messy for a natural look.

34. Short Bob with Side Bangs

This is the classic version of a bob for straight hair, popular since the 90s until present day. As you can notice, the bangs are almost the same length as the rest of the hair, making them easy to style in multiple ways.

35. Side Razor Pixie Haircut

Alternative versions of pixie haircuts also include a shaved side or undercut. Here, you can admire the deep side part and voluminous bangs that result from it, outlining the edgy haircut.

36. Ballerina Bun and Slightly Side Swept Bangs

You can also experiment with a subtle look for your bangs, paired with a cute hairstyle. This messy ballerina bun looks fabulous with full bangs that are pushed ever so lightly to one side.

37. Medium Length Hair with Side Bangs

If you tend to be balanced in all that you do, try out a medium-length haircut with classic bangs to the side. Layering, once again, proves to be a fundamental detail for creating the perfect look.

38. Thick Side Bangs

Generally speaking, the thicker the bangs, the nicer the hairstyle looks. While everyone has their own preferences, many women choose full bangs for a rich look that does their natural features justice.

39. Side Swept Bangs and Fishtail Braid

Kim Kardashian’s long, raven locks are unmistakable. For this red carpet look, the reality show celebrity chose to enhance her long bangs with a loose fishtail braid on one side and a few strands left out on the other.

40. Weave with Side Bangs

Women who wear weaves, wigs or hair extensions can also keep side bangs in mind as a finishing touch. This angled bob weave, for example, looks exceptional with those flawless bangs.

41. Bangs and Low Ponytail to the Side

No matter if you want to spend a cozy afternoon reading, go out with the girls or enjoy a candlelit date, you can’t go wrong with this hairstyle. It’s lavish and casual at the same time, with a low ponytail swept to the same side as the bangs.

42. Bridal Side Bangs Hairstyles

Getting ready for the big day and have no ideas for your hairstyle? Not to worry, your bangs will help you create an unforgettable look. Leave a memorable impression with large curls over one shoulder and well-shaped bangs.

43. Side Dutch Braid and Bangs

If you don’t want cornrows for your faux-shaved look, try out a Dutch braid. This braiding technique stands out through the thick and full aspect it leaves, perfect for accentuating bangs.

44. Shoulder Length Hair with Side Bangs

This is yet another timeless and low maintenance look with bangs to the side. It can be adapted for wavy and curly hair alike, with the help of a fun and flirty shoulder-length haircut.

45. Cornrows and Side Senegalese Twists

Braiding plays a huge role in the natural hair community, especially for protective hairstyles. In this example, side bangs are intricately weaved in Senegalese twists, while the other side is masterfully braided in cornrows.

46. Side Swept Bangs and Undercut

If you’re not afraid to explore edge hairstyles, think about getting an undercut. Even though it requires more shaving than the popular side option, it undoubtedly looks breath taking with a long bangs pixie cut.

47. Wavy Layered Hair with Side Bangs

Even though Demi Lovato no longer sports this hairstyle, it’s still as fashionable as ever for young women. The long wavy locks are expertly layered to brilliantly blend with the bangs on her right side.

48. Short Haircuts with Side Bangs and Wavy Hair

For the girl next door look, Rachel McAdams is an admirable example of how to wear shoulder-length hair with bangs. Her delicate wavy locks are styled half up half down, highlighting her bangs nicely.

49. Pigtails and Short Bangs

One of your favorite childhood hairstyles is now as trendy as ever for teens and adults too. When paired with short bangs on one side, you have an eye-catching look that will make heads turn.

50. Long Bangs and Flower Crown

Last but not least, accessories can make a huge difference in your final hairstyle with bangs. In this case, a chic white flower tiara was used with a swept up chignon for a spectacular bridal hairstyle.


In summary, there is no limit to the possibilities you have with side bangs. Clearly, they’re a wonderful choice for women with all hair textures and lengths. It’s a timeless haircut detail that will give you a confidence boost regardless of your surroundings. Have fun trying out different hairstyles to complement your beautiful bangs!

50 Flawless Ways to Rock Side Bangs

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