50 Fabulous Braid Styles You Will Adore

We women love taking advantage of our luscious locks to play around with all sorts of hairstyles. Among them, braid styles are undoubtedly some of our favorites, thanks to the countless techniques out there. In today’s list, we will talk about no less than 50 glamorous braiding methods that will leave you in awe. As you’ll see, the majority focuses on the African hair community, the all-time queens of braiding. Without any further delay, feast your eyes on these beautiful braids!

1. Cornrow Braid Styles

What better way to start our selection than with a classic braiding style? Cornrows have been in style for as far back as we can remember, and they’re as fashionable as ever to this day. You can get yours in a classic, laid back manner, or you can incorporate a part or unique design into them.

2. Colorful Braids

If you’re the outgoing type of gal, you sure will want to consider a multicolor braided hairstyle. This look can be obtained either by getting highlights in a handful of your favorite colors, or by adding extensions. Get inspired by this metallic pastel look on a black base.

3. Box Braid Hairstyles

Box Braids are definitely one of the most endeared braid styles for African American women. They’re highly flattering for all face shapes and facial features. Additionally, they come in various lengths and widths, from small to jumbo braids.

4. Ombre Braids

Want to add a splash of color to your braids without going over the top? Ombre is your best friend. This dyeing method looks especially lovely on braids, as you can appreciate the gradient even better. Silver is a trending ombre choice, but you can get yours in your favorite color.

5. Goddess Braid Styles

50 Fabulous Braid Styles You Will Adore


On the braid styles podium you can also find gorgeous goddess braids. These lovelies are quite similar to cornrows, just that they’re thicker, wider and more eye-catching. The number of goddess braids you get can range from two and even up to a total of seven or eight.

6. Sisterlocks Braid Styles

Love curls? Sisterlocks should be one of the braid styles you consider for your next hair appointment. What makes these sweet braids so special is that they result in large ringlets, all formed with tiny braids.

7. Braided Pigtails

Another one of the hottest trends this year is low braided pigtails. Regardless of the braiding technique, these stylish pigtails have an urban glam edge to them that will certainly make heads turn after you.

8. Goddess and Micro Braids Updos

50 Fabulous Braid Styles You Will Adore


What if you want to combine two or more braid styles? Challenge accepted? Two of the most popular options are goddess braids and micro braids, especially when they’re ended in a graceful updo.

9. Cute Braid Hairstyles for Kids

Little girls absolutely adore braids, there’s no doubting that. To make your daughter feel like a fashion queen, don’t hesitate to bring out the best in her natural features with a funky updo. Here, cornrows in different widths are combined with twisted Bantu knots, all in a super cool faux hawk.

10. Braided Ponytails

Another way to rock your braids is with a sky high ponytail. However, please note that you’ll have to get this style braided directly this way, including the upside down braids in the back. For even more allure, add some silver or gold beads here and there.

11. Classic 3-Strand Easy Braid Hairstyles

50 Fabulous Braid Styles You Will Adore


Let’s go back to basics! This is the easiest braid of them all, created by simply weaving three thick strands. It works for all Caucasian women, as well as African American ladies with long hair when it’s relaxed.

12. Braided Updos

Have a super important event coming up? You can count on a braided updo for an unforgettable appearance. In this example, you can see how the goddess braids were created diagonally for an elegant shape. They’re twisted in a spiral bun at the back for an even classier touch.

13. Half Up Braided Buns

Box braids ladies have a bunch of options at hand for additional hairstyles with their braids. A trending style this year is the half up bun, wrapped in a top knot style. It works best for women with narrower box braids.

14. Havana Twists Braid Styles

For a sexy island gal look, you have to check out Havana twists. These sublime braids are perfect for ladies who want long, jumbo braids. Nevertheless, you can rock them even in shoulder length if you want a shorter approach.

15. Feed In Braid Styles

An excellent way to get your braids done is with a feed-in technique. In other words, you start your braids small at your hairline and braid them thicker as you progress to the back of your head. Two braids are the most popular, but you can branch out to four or five easily.

16. Halo Braids

50 Fabulous Braid Styles You Will Adore


Now this is an angelic look that you’ll fall in love with. Halo braids get their name from the illusion created at the end, exactly like a halo that rests delicately on your head. You can either get yours with an extension or by relaxing your natural hair, provided it’s long enough.

17. Nubian Twists Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair

If you have short hair, Nubian twists are your go-to braids. They’re chic, playful and all-around charming for women with any face shape. You can get Nubian twists even if your hair is longer too, although most of them are shoulder length or shorter.

18. Half Braided Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Want to flaunt your natural afro-textured curls? You shoulder consider a half braided hairstyle. In this example, three loose goddess braids were created on the top part, leaving the rest of the ravishing ringlets free to bounce around.

19. Poetic Justice Braids

Some of the most iconic braids for African American women are Poetic Justice braids. These beauties were made famous by Janet Jackson in the 1993 movie that their name was inspired from. Essentially, they are jumbo box braids with plenty of style.

20. Braids Styled Into Buns

On that note, how about a pretty hairstyle to emphasize your box braids? If you’re on the run but still want a cute hairstyle to complement them, bend your head down and wrap them all in a wonderful bun. In two minutes you’ll be radiant!

21. Crown Braids

Crown braids are the sisters of halo braids, as you can easily point out the similarities. However, the present version stands out through an angled braiding method. In most cases, there will be a side or middle part, as opposed to the all-around circle of a halo braid.

22. French Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair

The French braid has been around for ages, but it’s still as trendy as ever. It’s safe to say that it’s a timeless classic braid for women with straight hair. For an original approach, consider creating your French braid horizontally.

23. Senegalese Twists Braid Styles

This is yet another twist style that we’re crazy in love with. With rich African origins, Senegalese twists are a traditional hairstyle that comes from the homonymous country. They’re lavish braids that also double as a protective hairstyle for natural hair.

24. Braided Buns

Updos are some of the best ways to experiment with different braiding techniques in one hairstyle. Here, for instance, you can see micro cornrows at the base, with feed-in goddess braids in between. The bun part is accentuated through sleek jumbo twists.

25. Half Up Pulled Back Braided Hairstyles

You can frequently find Keri Hilson with enchanting hairstyles of all kinds. In this shot, she went back to her roots with splendid box braids. What makes the look truly memorable is the half up and swept back styling.

26. Kinky Twists Braid Styles

These cuties that are known as kinky twists are “cousins” with Nubian twists. The main difference is that Nubian twists have a spring-like look, while kinky twists are usually more laid back. However, kinky twists tend to have a drier appearance, so keep this aspect in mind too.

27. Jumbo Twists Braid Styles

If you want a jaw-dropping hairstyle, jumbo twists are totally an idea to think about. These marvelous braids create a sensational hairstyle when worn long. Don’t forget that they’re protective, so you can rest assured with your natural locks.

28. Braids with Headwraps

Some of the prettiest accessories to accompany African braids are headwraps. They can be sported in a great number of ways, with your hair half down or even entirely wrapped up. The example in this photo is a superb idea to get you started.

29. Braided Long Bobs

In most cases, you’ll see braids as long as possible, with some even reaching thigh-length. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be as extraordinary even when they’re short. For an out of the box approach, think about getting your braids in a long, inverted bob hairstyle.

30. Dutch Braid Styles

For a look that mixes innocent with edgy, you should check out Dutch braids. They resemble goddess braids through the outwards braiding technique a bit, but they’re usually destined for women with naturally straight hair.

31. Blonde Braids

Want to make your braids pop? Color is key! Blonde braids will contrast amazingly with your rich skin tone, making them stand out even more. A daring color like platinum blonde is perfect for a woman with bright personality.

32. Marley Twists Braid Styles

We’re back to terrific twist braid styles, this time with Marley twists. As you can probably guess, they get their name from the late and great reggae artist. It’s another dazzling way to protect your natural hair.

33. Braids with Hats

If your braids are long and laid back, you can explore an abundance of accessories to match them. This floppy hat is a super chic example, but you can try out other types of hats that also flatter your face shape.

34. Ghana Braid Styles

Another traditional African braid style consists in Ghana braids. We recommend them for ladies looking for jumbo braids that flow beautifully from their scalp, down their beck and on their backs or to the side.

35. Chunky Box Braids

Like we mentioned earlier, box braids come in different versions. We first presented a smaller version, but now you can admire these spectacular chunky box braids. We encourage you to keep the different options in mind when picking out your desired braids.

36. Braided Double Buns

Have the 90s still roaring in your heart? You can have fun with a funky fresh braided hairstyle like this one. In a nutshell, the braids are cornrows with a feed-in start at the top center of the scalp. After that, they are styled into adorable double buns.

37. Yarn Braid Styles

Bring more color into your life by getting yarn braids. These phenomenal locks stand out through vivid shades, which can range from bright colors to soft pastels. A major advantage is that you can combine numerous tones.

38. Pull Through Braid Styles

Women with naturally straight hair will adore the super sweet impact of pull-through braids. The braid itself gives you a Rapunzel-like look, with long, flowing hair styled beautifully. We recommend it for ladies with long, straight and thick hair.

39. Half Up Braided Ponytails

Aside from the fact that we’re in love with this intense burgundy hair color, we especially admire the hairstyle chosen to enhance the braids. These Senegalese twists are styled with a half up ponytail that gently flows into the rest of the hair.

40. Flat Twist Braid Styles

If you want to prepare your delightful natural curls to impress, flat twists is the best way to do so. Not only does this hairstyle look fantastic on its own, but it’s also an excellent way to protect your hair before releasing your ringlets.

41. Braids and Beads

Your baby girl will love some colorful beads in her braids. They look the best on cornrows or other narrower braids, no matter the length. You can add as many beads as you’d like to the tips, from two or three to ten, like in the example here.

42. Micro Braid Styles

An alluring braided hairstyle that you shouldn’t miss contains a head full of magnificent micro braids. It might require a few more hours than normal at your hair salon, but the results will take your breath away.

43. Twisted Faux Hawks

For a grand appearance at any fancy or glam event, you can rely on a big twisted faux hawk. The sides are expertly slicked down to create the illusion of a mohawk. For a nice touch, you can incorporate two or three micro cornrows on the slicked down part.

44. Waterfall Braid Styles

If you want to feel like a princess, think about getting a waterfall braid on your straight, wavy or curly hair. Even if your hair is straight, you can curl the strands that weave through the horizontal braid at the ends.

45. Wrap Around Braided Updos

Another remarkable updo for those important events in your life is this wrap around braided hairstyle. It starts from one side as a crown braid, then wraps around into a sharp spiral at the back of your head.

46. Huge Wrapped Up Braids

Having an abundance of braids has its ups and downs. A slight disadvantage might be the discomfort created from them falling in front of your eyes. Nonetheless, here’s where a big advantage comes in. You can wrap them up in a huge bun for a practical and impressive hairstyle.

47. Tree Braid Styles

We often associate tree braids with micro braids, owing to the thinness of the braids. However, tree braids use micro braiding just at the roots. After an inch or two, the rest of the hair is long and usually straight or wavy.

48. Crochet Braid Styles

If you long for big, bouncy and brilliant curls, crochet braids should be the next style you go for. They’re perfect in any length, from bobs to curls that even are longer than your shoulders. You’ll get all the natural volume you have ever dreamed of.

49. Half Flat Twist Outs

Remember what we said about flat twists and their protective properties? Well, here you can see the results of a half flat twist out. The creatively designed cornrows on the top part are also a neat idea to think about.

50. Reverse Braid Hairstyles

The last of our braid styles can work for both naturally straight hair and relaxed, afro-textured long hair. Known as a reverse braid or upside down braid, this idea involves bending your head over and creating a French braid from your nape to the top.


To conclude, braid styles are generous, versatile and a sheer joy to admire. From box braids, goddess braids or cornrows, to braids suitable for Caucasian women, the possibilities are limitless. Whether you choose to get your braids with your natural hair or extensions, the outcome will be breathtaking nonetheless. Try out different styles and don’t forget to wear each one with confidence!

50 Fabulous Braid Styles You Will Adore

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